Williams Racing and Kraken form a global alliance in Formula 1.

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In a partnership between cryptocurrency and motorsport, leading cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, has announced its partnership with the iconic Formula 1 team, Williams Racing.

As Kraken reported on its blog, these two organizations, each known for their pioneering technology, aim to foster a shared vision for the future of finance and community engagement.

The Kraken logo will be prominently displayed on the halo and rear wing of Williams Racing’s FW45 race car during the Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2023. As part of their commitment to promoting cryptocurrency adoption, the collaboration plans to create unique digital collectible experiences to engage crypto and motorsport communities.

For the first time, holders of select digital collectibles on KrakenNFT can display their NFTs on the Williams Racing car, emphasizing Kraken’s commitment to community engagement.

Kraken and Williams Racing share a similar ethos rooted in innovation, performance, and a forward-thinking approach. Williams Racing has a longstanding reputation for never settling for mediocrity and continually innovating to enhance on-track performance. As one of the only three brands to participate in every season for over four decades, Williams Racing has a proven track record of resilience and performance.

Similarly, Kraken has distinguished itself as a secure platform for trading BTC, ETH, and other digital assets, serving over 10 million clients worldwide. As it commences its collaboration with Williams Racing, one of the most esteemed Formula 1 teams, Kraken aims to accelerate its mission to empower global financial freedom and inclusion.

This partnership between Kraken and Williams Racing highlights the increasing intersection of cryptocurrency and traditional industries, offering a glimpse into the potential future of finance and community engagement.

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