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As Web3 rapidly expands, however, its proponents face one formidable challenge: Does the high entry barrier of Web3 prevent its mass adoption? On this matter, opinions diverge. Some elitists argue that Web3’s association with crypto means that finance is an inherent aspect of this space, and like traditional finance, Web3 will evolve into a high-barrier industry with an impressive ARPU.

Of course, there are many different voices on the other side of this argument. For instance, early Web3 believers like the ViaWallet team are committed to offering ease of use. They make the case that blockchain technology and crypto assets should help more people access financial services, allowing more users to easily join the world of Web3.

Is Web3 Inherently Inaccessible?

Wallets are a key gateway to Web3. That being said, users also agree that today’s wallets are far from perfect. Custodial wallets are convenient but not entirely secure, while decentralized wallets, although secure, can be challenging for beginners, as they often struggle with new concepts like mnemonic phrases and private keys. This is why many believe that the high entry barrier of wallets, to some extent, impedes the mass adoption of Web3 applications.

For blockchain veterans like ViaWallet, this high barrier clearly contradicts the core Web3 principles of decentralization, transparency, and equal access for all. Excluding users with barriers, therefore, should never be the endgame for Web3. To address this issue, the ViaWallet team hopes to offer a secure, easy-to-use wallet, one that helps more users experience and understand Web3. In May 2019, they released ViaWallet, a decentralized wallet for managing cryptos across multiple chains.

As part of the ViaBTC ecosystem, ViaWallet is backed by a core team comprising experts from world-class players in the Internet and finance industries, with extensive crypto expertise and strong technological capacity. The wallet is protected by an independent security team, providing users with security guarantees. During the past four years of steady operation, ViaBTC has offered secure, reliable crypto management services to 100,000+ users across 100+ countries and regions.

ViaWallet’s Commitment to Ease of Use

ViaWallet’s commitment to ease of use encompasses simplicity, security, seamlessness, and ecosystem prosperity.

ViaWallet is designed to enable easy operations. With its detailed beginner’s guide, even crypto newbies can create a wallet by following the step-by-step instructions. Once they are in the wallet, users will also find the Help Center and Blog, which offer straightforward, intuitive content to equip them with Web3 know-how for more advanced usage.

Furthermore, ViaWallet simplifies its essential operations and procedures to provide a seamless product experience. From crypto transfers to the built-in swap feature, users can complete the target operation right away, without having to spend much time navigating the app.

At ViaWallet, security is another key focus. To begin with, the team conducts comprehensive code audits during product development. Its independent security team reviews the coding to effectively prevent potential exploits and security vulnerabilities at the product level. Additionally, as the decentralized wallet requires users to safeguard their own private keys, ViaWallet provides security warnings, including multiple security features like phishing address risk marking, high-risk address identification, and contract authorization detection & cancellation. Plus, ViaWallet Blog features a special column for security tips to familiarize users with common scams, raise their security awareness, and help them avoid operating mistakes.

Ecosystem prosperity is a key advantage of ViaWallet. The team has always aimed to create a wallet that manages all assets across different chains, enabling users to access the Web3 world with a single wallet. Moreover, leveraging the advantages of the ViaBTC ecosystem, ViaWallet works closely with top mining pool ViaBTC Pool and globally renowned trading platform CoinEx to offer one-stop crypto management services, along with improved efficiency and greater convenience.

Although custodial wallets fit Web2 habits, users have to bear the risk of custody. ViaWallet is convinced that building easy-to-use decentralized wallets is the first step toward Web3 mass adoption. Moving ahead, ViaWallet will continue to offer easy-to-use, secure, and seamless products while building a prosperous ecosystem. The team will deliver a more user-friendly decentralized wallet for managing cryptos, helping more global users join Web3 with lower barriers.

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