The Independent Agency at A&T Capital Is Clearing Jun Yu of the Sexual Misconduct Allegations.

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A&T Capital will fully cooperate with the investigation process of the relevant units, pay attention to monitoring the progress and results of the investigation, and wait for the fair judgment of the judicial authorities even though Yu Jun is no longer employed by A&T. This is because Yu Jun has left the company.

At the same time, A&T established an independent investigation team that will be managed by founding partner Jasmine to conduct a full inquiry into the entire case process and disseminate the investigation conclusions to all workers. This was done at the same time. In the event that someone violates the office’s code of ethics, they will face serious consequences.

Mr. Yu Jun worked for A&T Capital on behalf of one of our investors in the past, and he has since resigned from the position he held with the investor’s company. As a consequence of this, Mr. Yu will withdraw from participation in any work related to A&T Capital investors and will no longer act as the Fund’s representative. This modification will not have any effect on the way the Fund is managed.”

According to a previous article published by Coincu News, Jun YU, a founding partner of Ant Financial’s crypto fund A&T Capital and a former director of OKX Investment, was the subject of allegations of “rape” and sexual harassment made by multiple women, one of whom was his former employee at A&T Capital. These allegations were made against Jun YU.

A&T Capital wrote a letter to investors informing them that Yu Jun, who represented one of their investors (presumably Ant Financial), had been nominated to A&T Capital as a result of the controversy that was damaging to the company’s reputation. On the other hand, he resigned from his position at the investor’s company.OKX Investment also felt the need to issue an instant clarification about the fact that they have not yet been provided with any input regarding Jun Yu’s behavior throughout their time spent working for the company. Also, the corporation did not have any insurance policies that would protect him.

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