The ARB Token is trending on Twitter following the announcement of Arbitrum’s airdrop.

    The Arbitrum Discord channel is rife with activity with thousands of messages since the announcement today

    ARB is trending on Twitter after Arbitrum announced the token will be airdropped on March 23. The token will provide DAO governance rights for the Arbitrum network.

    Currently, ARB is the sixth trending twitter topic in the United States with more than 10,000 tweets. Arbitrum posted a 93-second short movie that ends with Ed Felten, co-founder of Offchain Labs saying, “Let’s build Arbitrum together. 3.23.” The tweet has 1.4 million views.

    Offchain Labs is a New York-based company that develops Arbitrum, a dominant leading layer 2 rollup and fourth largest blockchain by total value locked.

    Arbitrum moves one step forward in its decentralization efforts by issuing its ARB token which “enables community-driven DAO governance,” as stated in a blog post.

    When asked “why now?” in a Twitter space, Arbitrum co-founder and CEO of Offchain Labs Steven Goldfeder said, “Giving over permissions to the community to build on the chain and to license other L2’s –  to put that in the hands of the community, there has to be a community first. There has to be a DAO, and this is the natural time to do that and to really empower the community in that way.”

    Contrasting emotions in Arbitrum’s Discord channel

    The Arbitrum Discord has been rife in activity. Since the announcement, users have sent thousands of messages in the general chat that highlight a full spectrum of human emotion.

    Several are frustrated by virtue of being ineligible for the airdrop despite claiming they qualify, others are thankful for “free money,” while many are asking for help with the airdrop, asking questions on the February snapshot and what the circulating supply of ARB will be at launch.

    Moreover, messages speculating about the potential price level of the ARB token have also been abundant.

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