Thanks to This Integration, XRP for Fiat Options are Significantly Expanded

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Xumm, a well-known wallet within the XRP Ledger community, recently made an announcement regarding its partnership with Uphold, a centralized multi-asset trading platform. This collaboration entails the integration of Topper, a fiat-to-crypto on-ramp solution developed by Uphold.

Thanks to this integration, Xumm now boasts enhanced flexibility, enabling its users to conveniently purchase XRP and other tokens based on the XRPL using their credit or debit cards. What sets Topper apart, as reported by Uphold, is its primary objective of achieving higher approval rates compared to other digital asset market solutions.

An exceptional advantage of Uphold’s on-ramp is its access to jurisdictions like the United States and Canada, where accessibility to such services is limited. Uphold’s dedication to expanding accessibility aligns perfectly with the continuous growth of the XRP Ledger ecosystem.

It is noteworthy that Uphold is one of the few U.S. platforms openly supporting XRP, despite the uncertain regulatory status of the cryptocurrency. Uphold has not delisted XRP since the SEC’s case against Ripple, stating that there is no legal precedent for doing so. XRP assets held on the Uphold platform are currently valued at over $1.14 billion, with XRP transactions accounting for 28.43% of the total volume. This collaboration not only enhances the usability of Xumm but also strengthens the XRPL ecosystem as a whole.

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