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CertiK and zkSync will introduce a $2 million Merlin DEX exploit compensation package.

The Web3 security firm urges the rogue developer to return 80% of

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Despite ‘Audit’, zkSync-Based DEX Merlin lost $1 million during a public token sale.

The project garnered hype among Crypto Twitter users for its attractive yield

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1inch starts zkSync Era protocols.

1inch users will be able to access the services on the new

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zkSync Era claims that 921 ETH is’stuck forever’ in a smart contract.

One member of the cryptocurrency subreddit pointed out that “EVM equivalent” compilers

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A possible zkSync airdrop with almost 4x more funding is on the horizon

The crypto world is abuzz with rumors of a potential zkSync airdrop

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Matter Labs has no plans for a zkSync Era airdrop, but cryptocurrency Twitter speculates.

Based on the precedent set by many crypto projects, including this week's

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