With American assistance, Ukraine seeks to identify illicit cryptocurrency transactions (Report)

The US IRS supposedly partnered with Ukrainian agencies to provide assistance in

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Targeting Russian Crypto Sanctions Evaders Jointly: IRS, Chainalysis, and Ukraine

The IRS Criminal Investigation division is supporting Ukrainian investigators by providing blockchain

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Sotheby’s reopens the Glitch digital art auction, a novice discovers a $49K NFT, and more

After taking diversity concerns into account, Sotheby’s has revamped its Glitch digital

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The goal of CBDC is to “control.” The head of the ECB acknowledges in a video chat with a fake Zelensky

The ECB President admitted that “there will be control” in regards to

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Filmmaking in downturns: Warsaw’s Bitcoin Film Festival

Lights, camera, Bitcoin: A Bitcoin Film Festival in Poland brought the Bitcoin

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This Ukrainian Company Is Using Smart Contracts and AI to Automate Crypto Crime Reports

The project allows users to report cryptocurrency wallets related to scams, sanctions

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Condition of the blockchain sector in Ukraine a year after Russia’s attack

Following the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine war, CryptoSlate takes an

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Since the start of the Russia crisis, Ukraine has received $70 million in cryptocurrencies.

Since Russia’s invasion a year ago, there’s been $28.9 million in Ether

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Matt Hancock, a British MP, has launched an NFT charity project for Ukraine.

A Ukrainian family who fled Kyiv is launching a charity NFT collection

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Russian citizens are donating “substantial quantities” to Ukraine via cryptocurrencies.

Ukraine's deputy digital minister Alex Bornyakov says that the country has seen

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