With a 27% annual growth, Turkey is the country with the highest crypto ownership.

Argentina and Thailand followed Turkey as second and third by increasing their

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During a crisis, cryptocurrency donations increase speed and worldwide reach.

Cryptocurrencies are proving useful in facilitating fast and unencumbered donations during crises,

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XRP is the most popular cryptocurrency for earthquake relief donations.

Ripple has pledged to donate $1 million in its native crypto XRP

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In just one week, cryptocurrency help to Turkey has surpassed $4.5 million.

Turkish financial watchdog stretched rules to allow crypto donations to help with

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VitalikButerin donates $227k to help earthquake victims in Turkey

The world-renowned co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, has donated a staggering $227,000

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Vitalik Buterin contributes $227k to aid Turkey’s earthquake victims

The Ethereum co-founder has sent around $227,000 in ETH to two Turkish

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Gateio is proud to announce that gatecharity ambassadors have reached Turkey

Gateio, a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, is proud to announce the arrival

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Turkey will employ digital identities powered by blockchains for online public services.

Shortly after the Turkish central bank completed the first CBDC tests, Türkiye

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First Payment Transactions on the Digital Lira Network Have Been Reported by the Central Bank of Turkey

The first payment transactions carried out via the network reportedly went through

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Turkey’s Central Bank Completes First Digital Lira Transactions; Will Other Nations Follow? Central Bank Digital Currency

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) has completed the first trial

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