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KCC performance update is activated on testnet.

The fan-built KCC V.1.3.0 upgrade focuses on merging upstream code, enhancing performance,

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ConsenSys launches zkEVM Public Testnet, the ‘Line a’ rename

The release comes in the days after competitors, Polygon and Matter Labs,

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Deployed on Optimism Testnet, Tornado Cash Fork, Privacy Pools

Last weekend, the testnet for the layer 2 scaling system Optimism was

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Tornado Payment Fork, Privacy Pools, and Optimism Testnet Deployment

Privacy Pools uses zero-knowledge proofs to prove that funds in anonymous transactions

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Chainlink Price Feeds are now available on Coinbase’s Layer 2 Testnet, Base.

Base also joins the data provider's Scale program, allowing developers to construct

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Flashbots Releases a Privacy-Enhanced Block Generator on the Ethereum Testnet Sepolia.

Research shared by the team details that block builders will be able

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BitMEX will be having a system upgrade for its Testnet on 2nd March and 9th March its Mainnet

The well-known cryptocurrency derivatives exchange known as BitMEX recently made the announcement

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Effective Simulation of the Shanghai Hard Fork on the Second Ethereum Testnet

A second Ethereum test network (testnet), known as Sepolia, successfully replicated withdrawals

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 Ethereum (ETH) Gets Its First Public Withdrawal Testnet Ethereum is on the Road to Shanghai, an Upgrade.

An Ethereum developer by the name of Barnabas Busa has announced that

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Cardano Now Offers New Kind of Lending and Borrowing, Already Live on Testnet

As Liquid releases the first peer-to-pool lending and lending facility based on

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