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Bitcoin mining “hit piece” by the New York Times is criticised by cryptocurrency stakeholders.

Several crypto stakeholders have criticized the New York Times April 10 report on Bitcoin

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Over 70% of Ethereum stakeholder losses exceed 16 million stakes.

Staked ETH has risen 18% to over 16 million ETH but over

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The report outlines the many different reasons stakeholders are opposed to CBDC

The report emphasises that the issuance of digital currency may fare better

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MicroStrategy’s CEO Declares That They Expected Crypto Carnage And Will ‘HODL Despite Adversity’

Even while MicroStrategy’s CEO remains optimistic despite the crypto market’s current dire

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Axie Infinity suffers a $620 million loss as a result of a hacker’s compromise of Ronin Validators.

According to Sky Mavis, the creators of the blockchain NFT game Axie

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