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Cardano became well-known because to sharks and whales: Will there be a rally soon?

Oftentimes, cryptocurrencies are characterized by the influence of large holders, whose actions

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ApeCoin experiences sell-offs, but will sharks come to its aid?

ApeCoin’s lackluster performance and sell-offs raise concerns, but sharks exhibit an intriguing

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Sharks & Whales Show Strong Accumulation In Stablecoin, Positive Sign For Bitcoin?

On-chain data shows that stablecoin sharks and whales have been strongly accumulating

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Strong Buying by Bitcoin Sharks & Whales; Rally to Continue in July?

On-chain data shows that Bitcoin sharks and whales have continued to accumulate

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While the risk of a bull trap rises, Ethereum Sharks drive the price above $1400.

Highlights The crypto markets have been pleasant on the market participants as

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Do whales and sharks in XRP have bullish intentions? According to these figures,

The legal battle between Ripple  and the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) appears to be

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