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Three explanations for why Bitcoin miners are selling BTC, and why it is not a sign of capitulation.

Crypto market analysts tend to interpret Bitcoin miners selling their rewards as

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Member of the Jade Protocol Community Suggestions Selling $31M Treasury.

The Jade Protocol is facing calls from a longtime member to liquidate

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The demand zone is once more rocked by optimism: Can sellers overcome?

The $1.2 demand zone continued to provide Optimism  bulls with a safe haven

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Addresses selling Ethereum fragments include: Next, what?

Exactly five months ago, Ethereum  addresses holding 0.1 coins and a little above

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Selling OP Tokens Worth $162 Million In A Private Sale.

Layer-2 network Optimism is selling around 116 million OP tokens, currently worth

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Selling $157 million in OP tokens, optimism foundation cites “Treasury Management”

The token sale was described as a "planned event." The foundation behind

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LYOTRADE: Seamless Staking and Selling

Developed by LYOPAY, LYOTRADE is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that was launched to

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Bitcoin’s long-term holders are selling as the currency falls below $17,000

According to observations made by a researcher at CryptoPost, some long-term holders

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