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Top 5 Alternative Coins Nearing a Major Rally: On-Chain Plat from Santiment Reports.

The altcoin market is displaying renewed signs of recovery, especially in the

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Are Crypto Giants Betting on the Rebound of Bitcoin?

Uncertainty looms in the cryptocurrency market as the influential “whales” exhibit an

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Analysis of the Ethereum Price: Santiment Forecasts ETH Price to Rise Despite Trader Unhappiness.

Ethereum’s price is teetering on the edge of a possible daily death

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Burn rate for Shiba Inus jumps over 3000%, and Shib Whale Transactions Reach 3-Month High

Shiba Inu whale transactions reaching the highest level in three months and

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XRP Pump Chances Now Higher Than Usual, Santiment Says, But There’s Catch

It was tweeted by Sentiment that as a coin's social influence increases,

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Massive BTC shorts are expected if the price falls below $30,000.

The global crypto market has not yet woken up from its bad state. It

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