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Where are the tokenized Real World Assets (RWA) now?

How tokenization is on the brink of transforming global liquidity, asset ownership

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Release of a Working Paper by the Federal Reserve Examining Asset Tokenization and RWA.

The Federal Reserve has released a comprehensive working paper delving into asset

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BNB.WIN ecosystem introduces its first RWA product BNB.WIN.

This year has seen a series of shifts in the global macroeconomic

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RWAs worth $100M are injected by MakerDAO using BlockTower Andromeda.

Stablecoin issuer and decentralized finance protocol MakerDAO has added $100 million worth

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Makerdao Dev Insists on Defi Protocol Using Real-World Assets to Scale

On March 16, the protocol engineer at Makerdao and co-founder of the

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