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In their most recent earnings reports, Google and Microsoft discuss the potential of AI.

AI is not yet driving revenues for either company despite that focus.

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fewer than 400 bitcoin ATMs were operational within the last 60 days.

For more than a year, between December 2020 to January 2022, more

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Key findings from DappRadar’s 2022 evaluation on DeFi, NFT, and blockchain gaming

Despite a tumultuous year, DeFi, NFTs and blockchain games drove DApp usage

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Survey: two-thirds are interested in a Web3 job due to its potential and flexibility.

The report “Journey Into Web3” shows that 64% of survey participants are

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The South Korean lawmakers is exploring a new crypto licencing scheme.

Regulators in South Korea have issued a new report that offers a

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Home Depot Reports Better-than-Expected Earnings in Q1 2022, Raising Year-End Outlook

Home Depot says its Q1 2022 financial report suggests that consumers are

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Attackers steal $80 million from Rari Capital’s Fuse Platform, and the Fei Protocol is vulnerable to exploitation.

According to a report from the blockchain company Blocsec, Rari Capital’s Fuse

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The NFT sector is expected to grow by $800 billion in the next two years, according to a report.

More than 50% of respondents highlighted that they have a HODL mentality

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According to the Nansen research, Blue Chip and Metaverse NFTs are driving the expansion of the NFT market.

Blue Chip NFT collections such as Azuki, Clone X and Doodles are

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