Lawyers for Sam Bankman-Fried request an extension on the bail condition proposal.

According to the legal team representing Sam Bankman-Fried, prosecutors had no objections

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China reportedly backing Hong Kong’s proposal to become a Crypto hub.

The news that China is apparently throwing its weight behind Hong Kong's

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In the midst of a VC war, ConsenSys adds 7.03M votes to its Uniswap BNB Chain migration proposal.

Web3 developer ConsenSys has cast 7.03 million UNI votes in favor of

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A New Proposal To “Re-Peg USTC With LUNC” Is Accepted By Terra Classic, And USTC Shoots Up By 30%

The proposal is supposedly signalling, which suggests that there are no immediate

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Russian Bankers Propose Making Crypto Storage in Non-Custodial Wallets Illegal

Keeping cryptocurrencies in non-custodial wallets may be criminalized in Russia, if authorities

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The Russian Chamber of Commerce Suggestions Using Cryptocurrencies in African Settlements

Employing crypto in cross-border payments is one of the proposals put forward

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Estonia’s New AML Regulations Will Affect the Cryptocurrency Industry

Estonia is preparing to enforce a set of new anti-money laundering rules

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Last-minute MiCA amendments revived the threat of an EU ban on Bitcoin, according to a report.

Changes to the EU’s MiCA proposal to regulate crypto markets, suggested shortly

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The European Union’s MiCA proposal advances to the trilogue stage despite the absence of a provision prohibiting the use of bitcoin.

The Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulatory package passed another potential hurdle

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Different Bitcoin wallets have multiple options for whether to send an on-chain

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