SEC Files Lawsuit Against Terraform Labs, Do Kwon for Cryptocurrency Fraud Using UST, LUNA

According to the SEC, Terra was nothing but a multimillion-dollar fraud, and

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Luna Classic (LCL) has been one of the best performing

Luna Classic (LCL) has been one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in

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In a single day, over 3.5 billion Terra Classics have been stamped

In a remarkable display of community support, over 3.5 billion Terra Classic

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A 39.6% monthly gain made Bitcoin’s best January in 10 years

The cryptocurrency sector as a whole declined significantly in 2022, which resulted

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Eos.io, HOOK, Luna, and Solana Cryptanalysis

Shortly after it began trading, the "hooked crypto" reached a price of

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Co-founder of 3AC asserts FTX and DCG worked together to assault Terra LUNA and stETH.

Zhu said DCG is worthless, adding that Genesis creditors will push it

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Strong start: The LUNC Burn Rate Has Increased by 6,940% Since 2023

The LUNC burn has now been in full swing for a couple

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With a SOL price that is 97% below peak, Solana enters the ranks of FTT and LUNA

However, the intraday recovery did little to reverse the market's overall bear

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Bear Market, Luna Crash, and FTX Meltdown: How They Affected How People Viewed Cryptocurrency

43% of the US participants in the survey currently have a negative

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LUNA: The updates to Terra won’t be enough to turn around the price

There is an organisation that goes by the name Terra Rebels, and

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