Binance Web3 reality show champion for private ID verification

Startups competed in a metaverse-based Web3 reality show called Build The Block

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The EU regulator has urged cryptocurrency companies to disclose the regulatory status of their products.

ESMA reminded investment firms that crypto will remain unregulated in most jurisdictions

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The Chinese city has released a draft policy for the growth of the metaverse industry.

The policies include a series of cash benefits to attract metaverse-related companies

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PEPE memecoin’s market worth reaches $1 billion thanks to its Binance listing.

The price of the new frog-themed memecoin has surged more than 4,000%

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According to MicroStrategy, it may sell Bitcoin to pay off long-term debt.

MicroStrategy said it does not expect its enterprise analytics software business to

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Friends and FOMO led new investors to purchase cryptocurrency in 2022, according to a survey

A survey from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) suggests that new

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HashKey announces the debut of its money management service, claiming “significant” demand.

Hong Kong’s HashKey recently received a number of licenses from local regulators,

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Elon Musk wants the $258 billion Dogecoin case dismissed: Report

Investors pointed to Musk’s portrayal of "a fictitious financial expert" during a

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NFT investor burns $135k unintentionally while borrowing money

While going through the unfamiliar process of wrapping NFTs, Riley accidentally sent

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FTX Wants to Recoup VC Investments Made in Modulo Capital

Modulo Capital, an investment firm created by three former Jane Street executives,

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