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First-Quarter Earnings for the Bitcoin Miner Marathon Beat Expectations as SEC Extends Investigation

The U.S. regulatory body is investigating related party transactions that may have

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Marathon Digital, a bitcoin miner, has received another SEC subpoena.

The first subpoena was given to Marathon in the third quarter of

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Core Scientific, a bitcoin miner, declares bankruptcy with over $1 billion in obligations.

Despite reports of the bankruptcy filing, Yahoo Finance data showed that Core

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Bitcoin miners sell aggressively as the cryptocurrency market remains unstable.

Analysts have predicted that the next mining difficulty could be extremely negative

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Canaan, a bitcoin miner, wants to expand operations despite a decline in third-quarter revenue.

Despite a 71.7% decline in net income, Canaan's mining revenue rose 1,002.7%

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Miners are the “next trigger” for a crash in the price of bitcoin as outflows reach multi-month highs.

Miners of Bitcoin (BTC) could be responsible for the next "trigger" in

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Block Rewards Associated with Bitcoin Miners Wanted to Be Freezed by the Bitcoin Association

The Bitcoin Association is looking at the possibility of filing criminal charges

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Over the past month, Bitcoin miner sales have decreased by 50%.

Data shows Bitcoin miners have eased up their dumping over the past

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An incentive program for bitcoin miners to adopt renewable energy is being proposed by Marathon Digital’s CEO

In a recent interview, Fred Thiel, the Chief Executive Officer of Bitcoin

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