Ripple News: A leading investor predicts an increase in the price of XRP: “It Won’t Stay Affordable for Long”

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A prominent investor is sounding the alarm, urging cryptocurrency enthusiasts to invest in XRP while it remains affordable. He suggests that XRP’s price could one-day rival monthly mortgage payments, which currently amount to an average of $1,768 in the US.

Zenakuu’s Crypto Warning says Grab XRP Now or Miss Out on Future Gains.

However, a well-known investor named Zenakuu, who lives in the US, is cautioning crypto enthusiasts not to underestimate XRP’s potential. In a recent tweet, Zenakuu highlighted that XRP’s affordability today should not be taken lightly.

Zenakuu believes that XRP’s price could rise significantly, maybe even to the point where it’s as valuable as your monthly mortgage payment. Yes, you heard that right—XRP may become as valuable as what you pay for your home.

Currently, the average monthly mortgage payment in the United States is around $1,768, as per the 2022 Annual Cost of Living Index by the Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER). 

Zenakuu’s warning is clear: don’t be the one who regrets not investing in XRP when its price goes up.

This prediction isn’t just a guess; many experts believe XRP has a crucial role in the global payments industry. Some top financial experts have even said that XRP trading at $500 would still be undervalued.

The Bank of England’s Research

However, Zenakuu’s claims are backed by research from the Bank of England, which suggests that the cross-border payment landscape, precisely what XRP is designed for, could be worth over $250 trillion by 2027. While XRP’s current price of $0.498 might seem low, this investor’s prediction reminds us that the crypto market can surprise us. If XRP does indeed reach the price of a mortgage payment, early investors could find themselves in a very good position.

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