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In the context of the rapid development of the digital asset market, adopts the DAO governance model and takes the mission of establishing a secure and transparent platform to provide diversified choices of power and investment services for global traders.

With the release of the new version, has introduced a series of innovative features, including anonymous registration, instant contracts, flash exchange, options, coin staking, and Web3 trading system, etc. The introduction of these features aims to provide a safer and more convenient trading experience, meeting users’ multifaceted needs for digital asset management.

It is reported that is about to launch the LaunchPad function. This means that users will be able to participate in more initial token issuance projects and enjoy a smoother trading experience brought by new features and optimized user interfaces.

Excitingly, it is expected that in October, will launch the issuance and airdrop of governance tokens for the exchange. Users holding tokens will have governance rights for the exchange, including but not limited to proposal voting, elections, and project dividends. This will further promote the democratization and decentralization of the exchange and encourage users to actively participate in the direction and decision-making of the exchange’s development.

To expand more functions and services, also plans to develop Web3 wallet transactions and is working on important plans such as UZX LAB. These plans will further enhance the user experience, and promote the development and innovation of cryptocurrency exchanges.

The release of’s version 2.0 and website upgrade, as well as the upcoming functions and plans, demonstrate its commitment to trader power and the decentralized financial ecosystem. Through the DAO governance model, is committed to providing users with a secure, transparent, and inclusive trading platform and allowing users to participate in the exchange’s decision-making.

For global digital asset traders,’s development represents more opportunities and choices. As continues to launch innovative features and improve the user experience, its position in the cryptocurrency trading market continues to rise, bringing positive changes and development to the entire industry.

In this rapidly developing and maturing cryptocurrency field, 2.0 marks an important milestone, destined to bring more opportunities and convenience to global traders. As future development plans are implemented, we can expect to play a greater role in the decentralized financial ecosystem, driving the industry forward.

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