RealFlokiInu is offering 110,000,000 $FLOKI for BigONEexchange trade.

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In an effort to increase trade volume on the widely used BigONE exchange, the developers of the recently released RealFlokiInu cryptocurrency have announced a massive giveaway. With the goals of improving liquidity and pushing up the price of the token, the company plans to distribute up to 110,000,000 $FLOKI to traders who purchase and sell the cryptocurrency on the exchange.

Investors and traders alike have shown a lot of enthusiasm for the giveaway, which is shaping up to be one of the greatest in the cryptocurrency industry so far this year. The popularity of RealFlokiInu has skyrocketed ever since it was introduced, with the token attracting a growing number of supporters and investors who see it as a sound investment in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market.

RealFlokiInu claims the offer is meant to thank investors who believe in and assist boost the value of the cryptocurrency. The company hopes that by offering trading incentives on the BigONE exchange, it may entice more investors to the platform and increase the token’s visibility among cryptocurrency users.

RealFlokiInu said in his release announcing the freebie that: “We’re psyched to be working with BigONE to bring this fantastic promotion to our traders and investors. We expect this to boost trading volume and liquidity for $FLOKI, which will ultimately lead to more people using the token and more people seeing it as a good investment.”

Any BigONE traders who purchase or sell $FLOKI between April 1 and June 30, 2023 will be eligible to win. Throughout the course of the three months, traders can earn up to one thousand $FLOKI per day, for a grand total of one hundred and ten million.

BigONE’s international user base of over a hundred countries makes it a top cryptocurrency exchange. Traders and investors of all skill levels will appreciate the platform’s user-friendly design, rigorous security requirements, and low trading costs.

RealFlokiInu has fast become a dominant participant in the expanding cryptocurrency market, backed by a dedicated group of fans and financiers. The company hopes that this massive giveaway, made possible by partnering with BigONE, would attract new traders and investors from all over the world, further fueling the company’s growth.

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