Polygon Labs outlines a plan to use CDK to streamline Celo’s transition to Ethereum Layer 2.

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Polygon Labs has suggested that the Celo blockchain community consider utilizing its Chain Development Kit (CDK) to streamline the intended layer-2 migration on the Ethereum network.

The proposal comes after cLabs, the primary development team behind Celo, unveiled an alternative strategy in July to transition its layer-1 into an Ethereum-compatible layer-2 solution by utilizing Optimism’s OP Stack. OP Stack is a similar customizable toolkit that leverages Optimism’s “optimistic” technology.

Move to Ethereum Layer-2 Via Polygon CDK

Polygon Labs’ co-founder Sandeep Nailwal presented a proposal to the Celo community this week recommending that the blockchain ecosystem consider implementing Polygon’s Chain Development Kit, which is a codebase enabling developers to build customized layer-2 chains leveraging zero-knowledge (ZK) technology.

The proposal on the Celo governance forum stated,

“Polygon Labs is excited to welcome Celo home to Ethereum in the chain’s transition from an independent EVM-compatible L1 to an Ethereum L2. As Ethereum devotees obsessed with scaling, we are beyond excited to see Celo expand into an emerging and thriving Ethereum ecosystem and help extend Ethereum blockspace.”

Nailwal explained that this shift would enable Celo to fully leverage the benefits of operating as an Ethereum layer-2 solution while preserving the fundamental traits that initially propelled the chain to success.

The exec further emphasized that the transition represents a significant technical enhancement, “that should come with built-in Ethereum alignment and as-close-as-possible developer experience, without compromising security.”

Polygon CDK

The Polygon CDK toolkit was released in August, designed to allow developers to build blockchain networks with the help of ZK proofs. This open-source codebase offers developers the ability to interconnect chains through a ZK-based bridge, creating a unified ecosystem referred to as the “Value Layer.”

Subsequently, Cosmos-based layer-1 blockchain, Canto, announced migrating to a zero-knowledge layer-2 on Ethereum via Polygin CDK. The platform explained that this transition is in line with its objectives to build a blockchain dedicated to real-world assets(RWA).

Besides Canto, pther projects such as Astar, Gnosis, and IDEX, have already announced plans to build ZK layer-2 solutions utilizing the toolkit.

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