New York prosecutors charged Do Kwon with fraud for overseeing a $40 billion cryptocurrency collapse last year.

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US authorities in New York have filed securities fraud charges against Do Kwon, founder of Terraform Labs. The accusations follow last year’s more than $40 billion meltdown of the bitcoin market. Kwon stands accused of defrauding investors by artificially inflating the value of his company’s tokens.

The indictment alleges that Kwon participated in a plan to fraudulently inflate the value of LUNA tokens, the cryptocurrency used by Terraform Laboratories. Kwon is accused of lying about the company’s finances, manipulating the market with the help of automated software, and generating phony trade volumes to accomplish his goals.

According to the indictment, Kwon and his co-conspirators employed fraudulent methods to rake in over $25 million from investors all around the world. Among the many counts levied are those of wire fraud, securities fraud, and securities fraud conspiracy.

The allegations against Kwon serve as a sobering reminder of the dangers that cryptocurrency investors confront. There has been tremendous expansion in the market in recent years, but it is still highly unregulated and open to manipulation. Many investors learned a hard lesson after seeing their savings disappear in a single night when the market crashed last year.

It’s not like Kwon is the first cryptocurrency creator to face fraud allegations. Several high-profile incidents have surfaced in recent years, including the notorious BitConnect fraud that caused billions in losses to investors. Authorities are beginning to take fraudulent activities in the cryptocurrency industry more seriously, as seen by the charges brought against Kwon.

Terraform Laboratories has refuted the allegations and promised to mount a vigorous defense. The firm released a statement claiming it “operated in good faith and with transparency” and was “assured that the facts will ultimately prove our innocence.” However, the company reaffirmed its dedication to its original goal of developing a “decentralized financial system that is open to everyone.”

The allegations against Kwon serve as a cautionary tale for those considering bitcoin investments. While the prospect of huge profits is appealing, so are the stakes. Although while authorities are taking steps to reduce fraud in the industry, prospective investors should still be wary and perform extensive research before putting their money to work.

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