In reaction to SIM-swap threats, FriendTech introduces two-factor authentication.

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Decentralized social media protocol Friend.Tech has introduced a two-factor authentication (2FA) security feature following recent sim-swap attacks on its users.

FriendTech introduces 2FA

In an Oct. 9 post on X (formerly Twitter), Friend.Tech disclosed that its users can further bolster the security of their accounts by implementing a 2FA that adds a layer of protection, especially in cases where a user’s mobile carrier or email service has been compromised.

With the new development, FriendTech users must enter their passwords each time they log in from a new device. This update follows a prior security improvement that allowed users to change their login methods on the platform.

Friend.Tech urged its users to exercise caution when using the feature as its team, nor that of privy can help its users recover or reset their passwords. The team had previously delayed the introduction of the 2FA because it wanted to address this password reset challenge.

This move is part of the protocol’s effort to curb an increase in the recent sim-swap attacks suffered by its users. previously reported that around $20 million of the platform users’ funds were at risk of these attacks.

Community reaction

The crypto community has welcomed news of the introduction of the 2FA, with some projecting that this could help the platform soar to new highs.

One of the most popular accounts on Friend.Tech, “0xCaptainLevi,” emphasized the significance of the 2FA. According to the creator, the new security update could propel the total value of assets (TVL) locked on the social media platform to $100 million.

Data from DeFillama shows that the protocol’s TVL currently sits at $44.63 million as of press time.

Meanwhile, SlowMist founder Cos said Friend.Tech users should remain vigilant of their operating environment. Cos said:

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