Why Bitgert is skyrocketing the number of transactions on the Bitgert blockchain?

    The Bitgert bridge just launched, and the performance has been impressive. The transactions on the Bitgert blockchain have already crossed the 10,000 mark just 24 hours after the Bitgert chain bridge launch.

    This is positive feedback and an indication that the crypto community was eagerly waiting for this bridge to launch. Here is more about the Bitgert bridge and why it is skyrocketing the number of transactions on the Bitgert blockchain.


    After launching the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain, the team had one major task to accomplish – to build the Bitgert bridge. Because of the many advantages that the Bitgert chain has over all the blockchains in the industry, a bridge would enable more users to enjoy the Brise chain as well.

    The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain has the fastest speed at 100k TPS, but the most exciting feature is the zero gas fee. Users of the BRC20 blockchain pay a little as $0.0000000000001 gas fee, which makes it one of the cheapest chains in the industry. With the chain bridge, users from other blockchains like Binance, avalanche, and others can transfer their assets to the Bitgert blockchain and enjoy these benefits.

    The skyrocketing transactions on the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain are a result of the crypto community transferring their assets to the Bitgert blockchain. This is just 24 hours after the bridge launch, and all look good, with the transaction already breaking the expectations. The number shows more people are aware of the Bitgert chain’s advantages over competing blockchains.

    The number of transactions on the Bitgert chain at the time of this writing was 11,800, and it will continue to grow larger as more people get to know about the many benefits the Bitgert chain offers especially the zero gas fee chain.


    For the cryptocurrencies, investors looking for the next big investments after Bitgert, check out Centcex. Centcex is a superb coin and has also proven a crypto project to watch this year. One thing that stands out about the Centcex project is the huge number of products the team is building right now.

    With an unlimited number of products coming on the Centcex ecosystem, this is one of the projects that will do very well in the coming days. The adoption rate for the Centcex network is going to skyrocket, and the amount of staking revenue that will be generated will be huge.

    Centcex may be younger than Bitgert but will be one of the cryptocurrencies to watch. The huge utility the team is building will make Centcex one of the exciting crypto projects to watch in 2022.

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