Immutable will work with Amazon AWS to provide game developers up to $100,000 to make web-based games.

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In a potentially significant step towards mainstream blockchain-enabled gaming adoption, Immutable, the blockchain gaming platform, secured a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), according to the company’s recent announcement.

By joining forces with AWS, Immutable aims to leverage Amazon’s expansive network of game studio leads, thereby facilitating successful deal closures. In turn, game developers and studios will gain access to a comprehensive platform and ecosystem in web3 gaming.

Some promising games built on the Immutable X layer-2 blockchain include Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Illuvium, Ember Sword, Blankos Block Party, Planet Quest, and GreenPark Sports. The company has also had extensive partnerships with top media companies such as Warner Bros to offer other blockchain-enabled interactive experiences.

Immutable offering AWS credits for web3 games.

Immutable’s inclusion in Amazon’s ISV Accelerate Program is vital to this partnership, a co-selling initiative for organizations offering software solutions that operate on or integrate with AWS. This program enables Immutable to tap into AWS’s expert resources, strategically aimed at securing prospective customers and closing deals with prominent global game studios.

Further, Immutable will provide game studios with up to $100,000 in AWS cloud credits to help cover the costs of using AWS cloud services for the studios.

This strategic alignment positions Immutable at a unique vantage point to transform the gaming landscape. The platform’s ecosystem, already bustling with game studios and players, is further bolstered with the necessary infrastructure components and ecosystem partners to create a secure and dependable environment.

Immutable and AWS’s partnership is seemingly underpinned by a shared belief that blockchain technology can revolutionize the gaming industry by melding top-tier gaming technology with true digital asset ownership.

Immutable’s ongoing collaboration with AWS, rooted in security, performance, proximity to users, and elasticity for developer environments, has created a serverless architecture, enabling the platform to scale effectively amid rapid growth.

Furthermore, Immutable has reported the ability to handle a tenfold increase in partnered games, signifying a marked improvement in the customer experience, anchored by increased security and over 99% uptime.

John Kearney, Head of Startups at Amazon Web Services, Australia and New Zealand, noted,

He added that AWS is “supercharging Immutable’s development by onboarding new game studios and providing them with resources through our flagship AWS Activate startup program and AWS’s ISV Accelerate Program, which give them the tools to accelerate their global launch.”

Looking forward: Immutable and Amazon.

Moving forward, Immutable plans to continue investing in its infrastructure, built on AWS, to support its upcoming offerings, such as Immutable zkEVM, effectively. With Ethereum compatibility, Immutable zkEVM aims to expand offerings and support to partners, enabling more developers to build web3 games without learning a new programming language.

Immutable is positioning itself as a one-stop-shop for game developers, providing all the necessary tools to build a successful web3 game. From player experience enhancements like Immutable Passport for instant wallet onboarding to revenue engines like Immutable Global Orderbook & Marketplace Network for maximizing asset distribution, Immutable offers a suite of integrated products for platform services hosted on AWS.

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