G-Dragon, a prominent member of the K-pop industry, has collaborated with Fandom Studio to launch NFT on OpenSea.

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G-Dragon, an artist from South Korea, worked with Fandom Studio and BNB Chain to launch a non-fungible token (NFT) collection on OpenSea on Wednesday morning in Asia. This event took place in collaboration with OpenSea. This was accomplished in collaboration with Fandom Studio, which is a platform that gives users the ability to monetize their own video on TikTok by using NFTs.

When put together, the 13,444 NFT puzzle pieces included in the “Archive of PEACEMINUSONE” set form a painting by G-Dragon titled “Archive 2016.” Beginning on Wednesday, it will be minted at a price of 0.27 BNB (about $88) apiece, as stated by OpenSea.

G-Dragon is a 34-year-old Korean singer and rapper who made his debut in 2006 and rose to prominence as the leader of the K-pop band Big Bang, which is one of the best-selling K-pop acts. G-debut Dragon’s album was titled G-Dragon, and it was released in Korea. The year 2006 marked the publication of the G-debut album by Dragon, which was given the name “G-Dragon.” Since Wednesday, he has accumulated more than 8.4 million followers on Twitter and more than 22 million followers on Instagram.

According to a tweet that was posted by OpenSea on Saturday, certain holders of the NFTs will also have the opportunity to receive concert tickets, early access to goods, and tangible certificates including autographs and doodles by G-Dragon. These perks are all part of the NFT holder rewards package.

All of the main music labels in South Korea, such as SM, YG, JYP, and Cube, have announced their plans to include NFTs and the metaverse into their respective business models. HYBE, the firm that handles the K-pop band BTS, is one of these labels.

A metaverse experience was provided for the audience by HYBE’s K-pop boy band SEVENTEEN while they were on tour in Japan during the month of November as part of their Asia concert tour.

This past month, the HYBE label released a number of new freestyles (NFTs) featuring a number of its artists, including SEVENTEEN, Enhypen, and LE SSERAFIM. In addition, in October, the HYBE record label collaborated with a Korean blockchain business by the name of Dunamu to launch a new decentralized trading platform known as MOMENTICA.

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