Frustrations can be relieved by giving Sam Bankman-Fried a slap with a cucumber

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The bitcoin community has discovered a new way to vent their anger towards Sam Bankman-Fried, and it involves physically hitting an avatar. A brand new service called “Slap SBF” has been made available to you by Drama Labs. Users can get DRAMA cryptocurrency by clicking on a caricature of SBF and then slapping it with a cucumber. This action awards the user with DRAMA.

Naturally, this is a place for jokes, and its purpose is to inject some humour into a situation that is otherwise quite weighty. The experience is likened by many participants in the crypto community to playing Flash games on the internet in the 2000s.

People involved in the cryptocurrency industry are going to the website and slapping the SBF image with great enthusiasm. Many people think it’s just harmless fun, despite the fact that some people would consider it a worthless exercise with no real-world value at all.

A “entertain-to-earn” ecosystem, Drama Labs is responsible for the design of apps such as the one that was just described. Drama Labs is also the company behind Slap SBF. It did this by effectively channelling some of the most powerful feelings that members of the cryptocurrency community were experiencing into applications such as SlapSBF.

Users are rewarded with Drama Tokens whenever they use the “earn to entertain” programme that involves slapping SBF with Cucumber. Drama Labs promotes it as “make drama, earn drama”. The entire ecosystem can be thought of as a tokenized version of the practise of s*** posting.

Earning DRAMA tokens can be accomplished in one of four ways: by “Raiding Tweets” provided by FTX Movies, by posting s***, by staking Outcast Academy NFTs, or by purchasing tokens outright. In addition, there is a possibility of winning rewards by possessing 500 DRAMA tokens.

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