Foundry Academy Launches Training Program to Produce Top Technicians for BTC Mining

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The establishment of a new training programme for people looking to “improve their knowledge in the areas of installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of bitcoin miners” has been announced by Foundry Digital, a division of Digital Asset Group (DCG). The three-day training course aims to create top technicians for the “quickly expanding mining industry.”

The training programme, which includes an “in-person class” led by players in the sector, will cover topics including setting up application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miners, according to a news release from Foundry Digital dated November 3, 2022. Beginning on November 7, the curriculum will also cover assisting students in recognising and fixing common hardware issues.

Foundry Academy Executive Director Craig Ross applauded the training programme when it was introduced, calling it “an opportunity to develop vital technical skills.” The announcement claims that Foundry Academy, which is anticipated to oversee training initiatives, will function on behalf of Foundry Digital, which also controls Foundry USA, the biggest bitcoin mining pool.

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