Due to banking upheaval, higher-than-expected inflation, and confidence for a dovish Fed, bitcoin has hit levels not seen in nine months.

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The recent collapse of three large US banks essential to the industry have jolted the crypto startup world. This has left many entrepreneurs with little options, and many are finding it difficult to weather the storm.

Metropolitan Commercial Bank, Silvergate Bank, and Signature Bank are the three defunct financial institutions of recent years. These financial institutions played a crucial role in facilitating the development of the cryptocurrency industry by offering banking services to cryptocurrency entrepreneurs.Several new businesses are in limbo because of the collapse of the banking system. Startups like this are struggling because they lack the resources to get off the ground, specifically, banking services.

An investor in the field of cryptocurrency startups claims that “The current situation leaves everyone uncertain of what will happen next. The demise of these banks in recent times has compounded what has already been a tough environment for entrepreneurs in this sector.”Not knowing how to comply with the rules is a major problem for new businesses. Due to uncertainty surrounding the legal and regulatory landscape around cryptocurrency, many banks are wary of providing services to crypto firms.

Many new businesses are looking into potential solutions to these problems. To mitigate the risks associated with supporting the cryptocurrency business, some are looking to smaller banks and credit unions.

Alternatively, some are investigating the potential of decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, which aim to eliminate the need for centralized institutions like banks. DeFi is still in its infancy, but it shows promise as a viable alternative to those who have had trouble gaining access to traditional banking services and might revolutionize the way businesses gain access to capital.

Many in the cryptocurrency startup community, however, are not discouraged by the difficulties they face. They anticipate that, as the crypto industry develops and laws become more certain, more banks will be eager to offer their services to crypto businesses.

Until then, new businesses are concentrating on adjusting to the changed circumstances and developing creative solutions to the problems they face. One business owner in the field stated it thus: “The crypto industry has conditioned us to accept uncertainty as a way of life. This is merely a hiccup that we’ll eventually get beyond.”

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