Backlash against Elon Musk’s X platform follows the suspension of XRP accounts.

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Crypto Eri, a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency community, contacted Elon Musk on X, seeking clarification about the account suspension.

X (formerly Twitter) executive chair and chief technical officer Elon Musk has faced criticism for the suspension of an XRP-related account.

Crypto Eri, a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency community, directly reached out to Elon Musk on X, seeking clarification on whether the account suspension was an error.

The account in focus, bearing the username @digitalassetbuy, was recognized for its outspoken advocacy ofXRP$0.52 the native digital currency of Ripple Labs Inc. XRP has encountered various controversies and legal disputes, notably a lawsuit by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) claiming that XRP was an unregistered security.

Notwithstanding these obstacles, XRP has sustained a committed group of backers who remain optimistic about its future. The X account of @digitalassetbuy served as a space for XRP enthusiasts to exchange information and perspectives and participate in conversations about cryptocurrency. Unexpectedly, the account was suspended, leaving its followers surprised and bewildered.

Although some individuals have defended Musk, suggesting that the suspension was a precautionary measure to prevent potential scammers, the absence of any response from X officials has given rise to a variety of speculations.

In reply to a remark proposing that the suspensions were a measure to deter scammers, Crypto Eri remained steadfast in her belief that the account’s suspension was unjust.

“I have been doing my part to stick to the facts. Even when I’m called the crypto police or part of the cancel culture. That’s not been fun. I have empathy because he built his whole channel around using the X platform,”

she said.

The dispute, which has garnered the attention of prominent industry advocates such as XRP holder’s attorney John Deaton, now revolves around the question of whether this suspension is an isolated incident or signals a resurgence of censorship within the X community.

Meanwhile, a recent report has disclosed an ongoing SEC investigation into Musk. The inquiry focuses on whether Musk breached federal securities regulations concerning his stock acquisitions and subsequent statements and filings pertaining to the X acquisition.

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