As part of its expansion plans, Quivr raises $3.55 million in funding

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On Tuesday, August 23, Quivr, a platform for decentralised social identity and verification, made the announcement that it has successfully completed a seed investment round and raised $3.55 million.

According to a press statement that was made public, the funding round was led by Infinity Ventures Crypto, and it included participation from Jason Zeng, who is the co-founder of Tencent, as well as C2 Ventures, Sfermion, and FBG Capital.

The funds will be utilised by Quivr in order to introduce the platform to the general public. This will provide customers with the option to build their own social graph, which will function as a “digital resume” that verifies actions and interests through the use of badges. Is.

In addition, the money will enable Quivr to continue its aim of providing anyone with the option to portray their most complete self as a true and authenticated online self. Quivr’s mission is to make the digital world more trustworthy and humane. The company believes that Quivr will be able to validate and authenticate a user’s personal interests and online footprint by utilising a mobile application that is directly linked to other social platforms (i.e., Twitter, Spotify, LinkedIn, etc.). The “badge” of verification is minted in the user’s own NFTs and added to the blockchain once the user has successfully claimed their badge.

Raymond Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of Quiver, made the following statement in response to this most recent event:

“Here at Quiver, our goal is to provide everyone with a safe and private digital identity that is powered by them, so that they can represent the most complete version of themselves both online and offline. We believe that individuals are best understood and portrayed when we embrace all aspects of our human identity, which is why we are aiming to make the digital world a more human environment. Quivr gives users the opportunity to show their individuality on the internet while providing a dependable layer of validation.

Quiver has stated that it will aggregate from all other social channels in order to create a space in which users are free to be their most genuine selves. This will be accomplished through the usage of a unique badge that verifies a user’s true identity.

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