Analyst Predicts April’s XRP Price Will Rise Above $4 – Is the Statement True or Is It Just Hype

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The crypto space continues to remain more or less stagnant as the prices of the majority of cryptos have remained stagnant for nearly a couple of days. The price of Bitcoin sustains above $28,000 which has kept up the bullish momentum within the crypto space. In the meantime, the XRP price has been displaying acute strength in recent times and is hence believed to maintain a notable upswing in the coming days. 

The entire XRPArmy is eagerly waiting for the judgement of the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit which is expected to turn in favour of the company. Therefore, an iconic rally appears to be imminent where the prices are believed to inflate to a large extent. However, some of the XRP proponents like Crypto Bull rolls out insane predictions for XRP and believe the price to rise beyond $4. 

He also states that the judgement for the lawsuit will be rolled out on April 13 but according to the attorney John Deaton, the lawsuit may take another couple of months to reach its destiny. Many people believed the ruling to be ruled out on March 31 but it did not happen. Therefore, John Deaton in a series of Tweets classified the rumours regarding the final judgement. 

He explained the legal procedures and says that the ruling in the Ripple case may take another 2 to 3 months.

“Only months that have been pending more than 6 months must be reported on a list to Congress. The 6-month list does not apply to Judge Torres’ summary judgement ruling b/c the motion has been pending for a little over 3 months,”

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