Amnesty deal of $20 million does not seem to interest the Euler Finance hacker.

    In a stunning turn of events, the hacker responsible for the Euler Finance breach has seemingly rejected a $20 million amnesty deal offered by the company. Euler Finance, a decentralized finance platform, had offered the hacker the opportunity to return the stolen funds in exchange for complete immunity from prosecution. However, it appears that the hacker is not interested in the deal.

    The breach, which occurred last month, resulted in the loss of $150 million worth of cryptocurrency from the Euler Finance platform. In the wake of the hack, the company quickly offered a $20 million reward to the hacker if they returned the funds and agreed to work with Euler Finance to identify any security vulnerabilities in the platform. The company also promised complete immunity from prosecution.

    Initially, it seemed like the offer might be successful in getting the hacker to return the stolen funds. The hacker, who goes by the name of “Robin Hood”, posted a message on the dark web in which they stated that they were willing to return the funds in exchange for the $20 million reward. However, it now appears that the hacker has changed their mind.

    According to sources close to the matter, the hacker has been communicating with Euler Finance representatives over the past few weeks. However, the discussions have not been fruitful, and the hacker seems to have little interest in the amnesty deal. Some experts believe that the hacker may be holding out for a larger ransom, while others speculate that they may be planning to launder the stolen funds through various cryptocurrency exchanges.

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