A ‘Big Announcement’ is imminent, according to the lawyer for XRP holders.

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In his characteristic manner, XRP holders’ lawyer John Deaton has triggered a new round of curiosity in the community after revealing to his more than 293.6K followers on the X app that he will have a “Big Announcement” to make later today. As usual, the post has triggered a debate in the minds of his followers as to what the big announcement could be.

Though Deaton attached a condition to the post as he noted that the revelations will only come if “everything works out,” those who have been following him argue that, for him to tease the community, the announcement is as good as happening already. John Deaton currently plays a key role in the ongoing lawsuit between the blockchain payments firm Ripple Labs Inc. and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). However, while he is most renowned for representing more than 75,000 XRP holders, Deaton now also represents about 3,000 customers of Coinbase and Binance exchanges, both of which are now also involved in active lawsuits against the SEC. The teased big announcement could involve any of the trio platforms, an uncertain feeling that takes the intrigue to a whole new level. Community guesses As is human nature, members of the Ripple and XRP community have started guessing at what the potential announcement might be about. One of the commenters noted that John Deaton might have finalized plans to bring onto his CryptoLaw show the SEC whistleblower, Steven Nerayoff, complementing the broad discussions that ensued all weekend long. While the accuracy of the potential announcement remains a subject of speculation, the interest has shown that Deaton is one authority that many in the industry currently look to for detailed insights, analysis and review of the details emanating from high-profile cases in the industry.

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