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An unique trading signals and analytics platform that intends to assist users in maximising earnings utilising a variety of insights and data attracted the attention of investors who moved quickly to participate in the project’s token presale.Dash2Trade is a cryptocurrency trading signals platform that piques the interest of investors with its measurements and insights that will assist cryptocurrency traders and investors in making more effective use of their cash.

Through a three-tier subscription plan that will optimise profit and minimise risk, users of the protocol will obtain access to a wide range of data points. The D2T token is going to be the form of payment that is accepted on the platform for the membership fees.Users of Dash 2 Trade will receive trading signals that present possibilities for buying and selling, and the platform will also monitor social mood and on-chain data in order to anticipate trends.

The site also features tools for the construction of trading strategies and for social trading, as well as real-time backtesters for optimising trading strategies, to guarantee that users are employing the most effective methods possible while placing trades.In addition to this, the site has designed a method to monitor, rank, and score new crypto presales, and it will also give alerts and information on the most successful new coin listings.

Dash2Trade offers social tools such as Discord Groups and EMAs in addition to a risk profiler that assists traders in becoming more consistent and profitable in the market. With these tools, users are able to bounce ideas off of one another and tailor their trading strategies to their specific needs.Dash 2 Trade’s native D2T coin is completely tradable, does not incur any taxes, and was constructed on Ethereum. It is at the heart of the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem.

The platform offers a monthly subscription model with three tiers: free, starter, and premium. Each tier has a different price point and gives users access to a distinct set of data points, features, insights, and tools. The free tier is limited in its functionality.The D2T token presale will consist of a total of nine stages, with Phase 1 having already sold about half of its available tokens after approximately 24 hours.

During the nine phases that make up the presale, a total of 700 million of the maximum supplies available of 1 billion will be put up for sale.The price of the token will go up with each successive phase. For example, tokens for Phase 1 are now being sold for $0.0476 each, but tokens for Phase 9 will sell for $0.0662 each, representing a price increase of 39%.

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